8 RARE Dog Gifts To Make Your Pooch LOVE You!

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Updated: July 11th, 2019

Our furry friends are family to us. Let’s face it, their happiness is more important to us than our own! The times we spend with them are the happiest times for us, but for them, it’s the only time they live for. It is so important for your dog to know how much you care. Show your pooch some love with these amazing gifts that will make your four-legged friends happier than ever, and get you and your best friend having tail-wagging fun!

8. GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness)(GoPro Official Mount)

From $73.99

Capture the world from your dog’s point of view! Two mounting locations (back and chest) enable a variety of perspectives. Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 120 lbs (7 to 54 kg). Chest mount is removable to accommodate smaller dogsPadded at all adjustment points to ensure your pooch’s comfort! Washable, water-friendly material holds up to swimming, splashing, mud and more! Quick release bases make attaching and removing the camera easy. Includes a camera tether to further secure your GoPro, so you can capture all sorts of amazing footage!

7. Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove


Love cuddling your pooch but hate all the shedding? The Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove makes the shedding season blues a thing of the past! In fact, with the Five Finger Grooming Glove, you can transform grooming time into cuddle time. Made with pet lovers in mind, this terrific tool helps to strengthen the bond between fur baby and pet parent while gently detangling fur, removing loose hair and leaving coats shiny, soft and manageable. Pat Your Pet’s unique five finger design allows you to easily groom sensitive areas with just the touch of your finger! A universal fit, the Five Finger Grooming Glove features a fuzzy fastener side which allows the whole family to collect hair from furniture, carpet and clothing.

6. Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Leash


Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Leash ensures that your furry friend can be seen from all angles especially at night. While out on a walk or jog with your dog, the illuminating leash will provide optimal visibility. The included rechargeable battery provides five hours of illumination per one-hour charge. You can even adjust the light between steady, rapid flashing and slow flash modes with one click. Plus, it’s a sturdy well-constructed design for long lasting use.

5. Rex Specs Dog Goggles – Eye Protection for The Active Dog


Rex Specs dog goggles are protective eyewear for the active dog. These awesome looking googles will have your pup showing up in style while offering maximum protection during work or play time! Great for keeping water, dirt, tree branches, rain, and snow out of their eyes! They are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. Rex Specs protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun. CHECK YOUR SIZE!

4. Aspen Pet LeBistro Portion Control Programmable Pet Feeder


Fill the hopper, press a button, and forget about… Grover’s gonna eat! The Aspen Pet Le Bistro Programmable Feeder takes all of the guesswork out of feeding your pet. It automatically delivers portion-controlled sizes to your pets whenever you choose. The transparent hopper lets you keep an eye on food levels, and the feeder bowl is removable and dishwasher safe. Read the 5 Star Reviews!

3. Ultra Paws Cool Coat


Remember to measure your pet for the paw-fect fit. Ultra Paws Cool Coat helps keep your pup cool and prevents overheating during very warm weather. The cooling coat includes dehydrated ice packs and hidden pockets for supplies. Plus, the neck adjusts with drawstring to fit varying chest sizes. The back of the coat reflects the sun and keeps the heat away from your pup and extends to the base of the tail for full coverage during the heat. It provides wonderful relief for your dog during those hot and steamy walks.

2. Petzi Wi-Fi Camera & Treat Dispenser


The Petzi Wi-Fi Camera and Treat Dispenser finally settles the age-old mystery of what your pet does when you’re not around—and it rewards him with treats too! The revolutionary design makes it fun and easy to connect with your pet from anywhere, using the free and secure Petzi app. With just a simple swipe of your finger, you can take a peek at what he’s doing, and even speak to him through the audio speaker! Snap a picture and share the most adorable outtakes, and if he’s being a good boy, you can reward him with one of his favorite snacks whether you’re near or far.

1. Tractive GPS 3G Pet Tracker


Always have the peace of mind of knowing your pet’s location with the Tractive GPS 3G Pet Tracker. You can locate your sidekick in real time and get an instant notification when he leaves a defined safe area – and all with a subscription plan that starts as low as $5 month. This tracker works in over 150 countries worldwide and has a fully integrated SIM card, like a smartphone, and requires a minimal service plan to cover cellular connectivity. The battery also fully recharges in under 2 hours and has a 2-5-day battery life, depending on signal strength and coverage as well as usage. Keep an eye on your furry loved one with this tracker from Tractive.

Customer Reviews

How customers feel about these poochie products!

Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove


I read the reviews and people said they had a hard time cleaning them. I found when I took the gloves off and clapped them together, they cleaned in 15 seconds and my dog has a ton of hair. I purchased the pair and my dog loves them. He jumps up when I pick them up – he acts like I am taking him for a walk – too funny. Great purchase

Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Leash


This leash is bright, easy to use and charge, and makes walking in the dark way less scary. I get compliments all the time from drivers and pedestrians about how they were able to see me from very far away. I definitely feel much safer on roads with no sidewalks or shoulders. I do recommend getting a color that won’t blend into the road colors. For example, red from far away may be mistaken for a traffic signal or brake lights. I have green, blue, and orange and have never had any issues.

Rex Specs Dog Goggles – Eye Protection for The Active Dog


My dog Levi was Diagnosed with glaucoma he is blind in his right eye and going blind in his left eye and Levi loves his Rex Specs they’re comfortable they fit good they make it easy to measure the whole process was so easy it’s worth every penny I’m getting Levi use to the clear lenses and soon transitioning him to the sunglass version lens to protect his good eye from the bright sun.

P.S. And people on the street love my dogs new look!! In one day I had over 12 people comment how they loved the look on my dog and a few asked how he likes them and why he was wearing them. A lot of people were happy that a company understood the needs of a dog as mine or for recreational use as well!!

Thank you again Rex Specs I Love love love this product and you nailed it! ❤️

Aspen Pet LeBistro Portion Control Programmable Pet Feeder


I enjoy the auto feeder. I bought one for the dog and one for the cat. It has been great and the animals caught on really quick. The only issue I have had is that it sometimes releases a small amount of food that is not timed. We decided that was snacks!!

Ultra Paws Cool Coat


60 lb puppy, I got a medium but probably should have gotten a large because it doesn’t reach all the way down his back like it should but since he’s a puppy I prefer this way for sanitation when he does #1. As to cooling, works great! At the park we got stopped 3 times to ask what brand it was and if it worked, apparently it’s a lot cheaper than Ruffwear brand.

Petzi Wi-Fi Camera & Treat Dispenser


My husband and I recently brought a new puppy into our home and was worried about leaving him during the day. My husband works from home and is in and out throughout the day. I work as well. We purchased the Petzi and could not be happier with it! I can watch him throughout the day and know he’s fine. The reassurance of knowing our little guy is safe and we can see him, means the world to us.The camera is very clear.. it’s just amazing. I did all the research… this is the one to buy! You will not be disappointed!

Tractive GPS 3G Pet Tracker


I was previously a Whistle user. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. It was very accurate and the app was fine, but in the end I had a hard time swallowing the $10 a month per dog, for something I may never actually use. The GPS device itself doesn’t last forever either. Eventually the battery will no longer take a charge and replacing the device itself, is more expensive also. Not to mention 3G will soon be so obsolete that the dog gps companies will have to make 4G trackers and then we will be forced to upgrade. Tractive gps is only $6 a month and when you are talking per dog, those savings add up. In three years, with three dogs, I would have saved over $1000 in monthly savings alone…..in just 3 years!!! Tractive is just as accurate and their app just as user friendly. If I were to ever pay for the year and not monthly, the price even goes down to $5 a month, with even more user perks. For me it is a no brainer. Same service, same accuracy and more coverage options but a better price! I hopefully will never have to really use it for anything other than tracking our walks, but I like knowing it’s there just in case….with great accuracy, for the right price!

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